In the Black-Eyed Peas current single, Boom Boom Pow, Fergie sings/raps, “I’m so three-thousand-and-eight, you so two-thousand-and-late.” It doesn’t make a lot of sense or serve as a particularly good dis (“I am from the future, you are not”) – but the worst problem, in my opinion, is that the line was obviously written under the assumption the song would come out in 2008, and they couldn’t be bothered to update the line, or perhaps they just couldn’t think of anything they liked better.

Here are some suggestions to update the line, not just for this year, but also for the future, so they can update the line in concert or something:

  • “I’m so three-thousand-and-fine, you stuck two-thousand-and-nine.”
  • “I’m so three-thousand-and-nine, why you two-thousand-and-whine.”
  • “I’m so three-thousand-and-ten, you so two-thousand-and-when.”
  • “I’m so three-thousand-and-ten, you are a big fat hen.”
  • “I’m so three-thousand-and-heaven, you’re just two-thousand-eleven.”
  • “I’m so three-thousand-eleven, you’re so two-thousand-and-Kevin.”
  • “I’m so three-thousand-and-twelve, you’re so two-thousand-and-shelved.”
  • “I’m so three-thousand-and-thirteen, you’re just two-thousand-and-burping.”

Hey, look out! I’m the next Black-Eyed Pea!


Anyone got more?

2 Comments on In Which I Am A Better Lyricist Than Fergie & The Black-Eyed Peas

  1. Helen says:

    Yes, you are definitely a better lyricist. You get my vote.

  2. Josh says:


    “I’m so three-thousand-and-ten, you’re so two-thousand-and-THEN.”

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