Now that I’ve bought a new TV, I’m looking for a stand for it. I could mount it on the wall, but I just can’t bring myself to trust my skills hanging such an expensive piece of electronics, and I’ll need new storage anyway.

My ideal stand should lift the TV at least 22″ (56cm) from the floor, be at least 49″ (124.5cm) wide and at least 11.4″ (20cm) deep. It needs to be able to support my 83.6 pound (38kg) TV. There should be lots of storage space for movies, and enough space for all my AV equipment as well. Everything should be enclosed somehow, given that all this storage space is at “cat height”. I’m also hoping to keep the cost of this under $200 Canadian.

I did see a nice stand in Zellers that met most of these requirements and was on sale for $230, but I was sure I’d find something better/cheaper elsewhere. Now I’m not so sure, and of course the sale is now over, so the stand is out of my price range.

Looking online, there’s lots of wacky TV stands out there. Fortunately, they’re all out of my price range, so I’m not (significantly) tempted. Sears has one with a pull-out laptop stand. Target has one with a built-in fireplace!

More in line with what I’m actually looking for, the Leksvik from Ikea is nice, but technically not wide enough. This one from US Walmart has awesome storage, but nowhere to put the AV equipment. This other one from US Walmart is almost right, but it looks like the AV equipment is exposed (and the unit’s a touch on the wide side).

I’ve got a couple of weeks to figure this out, though, so for now the plan is to visit a couple of stores and see what they have, and keep searching online hoping to run across anything cool. Of course, if anyone actually reads this and has suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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